The closed-loop assistant simulation framework (CLAsim) is a framework for experimenting with the kinds of applications openmedap enables using virtual patients.  It is a project of the Open Connected Medicine Initiative.

The simulations CLAsim enables is focused more on closed-loop physiology management, but can be leveraged for other applications. It provides both software-only simulation to rapidly prototype ideas as well as system-in-loop simulation where virtual patients can interact with a full openmedap hardware-software system in real-time to experiment with realistic scenarios. CLAsim uses the Pulse Physiology Engine for simulating the virtual patients and their interactions with medical devices.

The software-only simulation framework is currently available here: .

We are working on a release of the system-in-the-loop version that is more accessible to others. Contact us if you would like to work with the current version of the system-in-the-loop simulation framework.

CLAsim was originally developed as part of Farooq Gessa‘s master’s thesis at Bucknell University. You can read the thesis to get some more information and details about both the software-only and system-in-the-loop versions the framework and their development.

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